[ad_1] Examples of what digital justice systems can achieve.  An effective legal system isn’t just good for those that deal with courts, but for everyone. Digital justice systems improve access to justice, which has a direct impact on racial equity, and by strengthening the rule of law, support countries to achieve SDG 16 goals.   Take for
[ad_1] Courtesy: USOPC Colorado Springs, COLORADO – The Team USA Council on Racial and Social Justice released its third set of recommendations aimed at increasing institutional awareness about racial and social justice; promoting cultural change; and creating more opportunities for athletes to advocate for and work toward implementing impactful change across the movements. This third recommendation, in
[ad_1] The Association of American Medical Colleges established a Center for Health Justice as part of its strategy to improve health equity across the country, in today’s bite-sized hospital and health industry news from the District of Columbia and Maryland.  District of Columbia: The White House on Friday approved new guidelines from the Safer Federal Workforce
[ad_1] With Daniel Lippman FARA FRIDAY: The Justice Department this week released another batch of Foreign Agents Registration Act advisory opinions, which guide lawyers advising lobbyists on whether or not they need to register as foreign agents. Lawyers specializing in FARA homed in on one aspect in particular of one of the half-dozen advisories published