Steve Ardire, an Advisor of multi-billion dollar corporations, has joined Consummate


NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Steve Ardire had joined Consummate Technologies as an “Advisory Board Member”. Steve is an Artificial Intelligence strategy advisor to multi-billion dollar corporations like Microsoft, Boeing, Huawei and start-up ‘force multiplier’ who shapes serendipity by connecting and illuminating the dots that matter ( aka ‘The Merchant of Light’ ) leveraging deep relationship capital with recognized personal brand ( advised 30 AI startups past 8 years )

Steve specializes in working with underdog, underestimated, under-appreciated early-stage AI startups balancing business strategy with smart execution for product market fit, pitch guidance, close funding in multiplexed bus dev, marketing, sales fractional C level role to scale smarter, faster, and better.

As LifeLong ‘Intentional Learner’ for decades he treats every experience as an opportunity to learn with a curious and growth mindset where intelligence can be nurtured, expanded, and changed over time analogous to a ‘Renaissance man’ with wide interests and expertise in several areas.

He’s an active speaker especially on Augmented Intelligence and personifies these 6 Key Traits of Top Performers

1. Intellectual firepower (especially fluid intelligence)

2. Values (Integrity first)

3. Passion (clarity and conviction)

4. Proactive work ethic (team player)

5. Authentic (be yourself)

6. Creativity is intelligence having fun.

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