Former Ford CIO puts focus on legacy, giving back to tech community


Her most recent position was as chief transformation officer of Ford from May 2019 until she retired in October 2019. Previously, she was the executive vice president and president of Ford Mobility.

During her time at Ford, Klevorn also served as group vice president of information technology and CIO from January 2015 to May 2017; in that role she helped oversee pivotal changes in the company’s IT tools.  She also worked in Germany at Ford of Europe.

While propelling Ford toward the future, Klevorn prioritized diversity and inclusion efforts, previously leading the Professional Women’s Network at Ford and serving as president and advisory board member of the Michigan Council of Women and Technology.

“We would give women in all phases of their career opportunities to practice and learn new skills in a safe place,” Klevorn said. “We focused on not only developing professional networks for women in their careers, but also developing competence to deal with technology and learn about technology.”

Klevorn describes her leadership style as “people-first.” She held high standards for herself and her team, believing that no job was too big or too small.  Allowing for inclusivity in the workplace was another key priority during her tenure at Ford. “You can learn something from everybody, regardless of your role,” she said.

For Klevorn, meeting new people and learning new industries were major highlights during her career. As a leader, a top priority was to help make it easy for her team to do the right thing, whether it was coming from a space of integrity or making sure they were doing their best to assist a customer.

Currently, Klevorn is on the boards of Northern Trust Corp., Humana and Lawrence Technological University. Klevorn earned a bachelor’s degree in business from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, where she is a member of the Provost Advisory Committee.

“I do some advisory work and mentoring, as well,” Klevorn said. “It’s fun to stay in touch with what’s going on and to have an opportunity to give back.”



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